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Becoming a Woman Builder is easy! Fill the form at the bottom of the page and raise $500 to participate in a construction day. You can login and modify your profile page to include your information, your team's information, your goals, your photos and your content. You'll also be able to keep an eye on your fundraising efforts, as the donations made through your profile adds up.

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You want to volunteer with your friends because it's more fun? Great, up to 10 women can sign up to form a team. This way, you'll work together and share the same experience. If however your team has less than 10 women, not a problem! We'll assign additional women, who signed up individually, to complete the group. It will be a great way to meet new people!
Each team shares a fundraising goal of $500 per women on the team - this offers flexibility among teammates so that each member doesn't have to raise $500, as long as the total team fundraising amounts to at least $500 per member on average. This shared goal pertains only to the women who registered as a team - the women that might join you on the construction site if your team has less than 10 women are independent of your team's goal.

Get inspired! Download the Practical Tools to Help in Fundraising Efforts document